Chapter One

The Human 'Problem' - Finding a place to start....

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I say that the true opposite of conflict (war), is understanding. Understanding is the cure and
the antidote to war. When and where there exists complete understanding, there is no
fighting. No mis-understanding. When and where there is no understanding, there is inevitably
conflict. Conflict and understanding are inversely proportional so to speak. Various degrees of
understanding, inevitably will precipitate various degrees of (resolution of conflict) peace.

These thoughts were assembled in direct response to the question, how do we make peace in
our lives?

Fighting has always been a part of the human culture. People fighting people. People fighting
circumstance. People fighting their own best interests. People fighting animals. People
fighting nature. People fighting within their own families. People fighting against the
inevitability of uncertainty that human kind has always found itself in a direct and personal relationship with. Uncertainty associated, when we look closer, directly to our lack
of understanding. About ourselves. About the things around us. In the beginning, pretty
much lack of understanding about everything.

In this 'age of information' that we now live in we can clearly see that understanding leads to
tolerance. Tolerance leads to building bridges. Bridges, seeing similarities, bringing us closer
together, thus diffusing some of the most distressing of human feelings – alienation, loneliness,
envy, resentment, disenfranchisement, confusion, fear, hatred. Feelings that’s have persistently
plagued human kind since the very beginning of the human family.

(12/01/07) Feelings we all potentially can feel, still today. Feelings from our human past, but
not so much from our human future. And we together are forming this bridge of understanding,
together. Now.

When we seek understanding we are seeking something higher. Something better. It feels better.
Understanding is above us. Our future destiny is to possess understanding. All of us. Everywhere.

More than likely we may not see this tomorrow on the news, but the Human Family is on the
path. Always has been. Maybe never before, as much as right now. Individually and together. Understanding is the destination. It may be the key to the arrival of the next planetary stage in regards to the ongoing development of the human family.

All of us with kids should be big time in favor with this type of program. This is the opposite of the death and destruction scenario.

It’s hard to argue against the thought of us striving to be a bit more divine, or simply better
human beings. When we reach understanding, personally, we feel more complete. Life makes a lot more sense when we’re not in the obscurity. We feel good.

All of us can probably relate to this when it comes to every day life situations. Obviously relationships require an aptitude to learn, grow…to see ‘deeper’ into things. Relationship
represents, shared understanding. And love is inevitable when understanding is growing.

At times, it’s a slow journey – it has always been one step at a time, as intended. These days the
process seems to be accelerating . An ongoing process which both creates and requires recognition, care, and respect.

The term “peace” seems to be a form of utopia – something that one day might be handed to us,
leaving no specific tasks for us to complete. But for understanding to thrive, we must constantly
and actively nurture it.

Therein lies the difference in methodology. The remedy for conflict is understanding. Peace is the end goal. The result. But this 'act of peace' is in constant motion, expansion, and in great need of fuel to survive. More and more we feel a desire to (learn to) fuel peace.

If we consider global understanding becoming a part of every day life now, it’s becomes easier
to see that it takes a constant and continuing willingness to learn, and there by undergo change
of thought, for understanding to thrive. For the Human Family to thrive and move into the future world, one that may have little resemblance to it's gallant, struggling past.

In a good way.

(12/09/07) But aren't we wired to fight?

Understanding may be the key to unlock and dismantle the human fight and flight mechanism.

There is clearly a natural part of us that wants to compete, which ultimately has lead to fighting. It’s there for the sake of our survival, furthering of the species etc. We now clearly see that it is part of the circuitry. Will we ever be capable of understanding each other, us being wired the way we are?

Is there an antidote for being human? Is there any recourse to our programming ? We are so prone to fighting at such a fundamental level that we have a long history of aggressive behavior toward each other. It seems to be the baggage of our species, derived from our history of struggles and who knows what else. Obviously, at some point, human history, as it is being written in real time must be so repugnant , that it stimulates humans to make a change. We may be approaching that point. Fast. Understanding. Information.

Even in our attempts to think of something higher and more pure than ourselves, we embed concepts like fear of god, wrath of god, original sin, possession by demons, damnation, retaliation, eye for and eye, revenge, error, greed. Even in our search for the most divine of thoughts, we gravitate towards seeking conflict. The low side of the high thoughts, so to speak.

But there is good reason to believe that this is all going to change. Something that has been underway for quite some time now.

Something that can be felt......Something new that can be fought for......


(12/13/07) Why is the information age so important? Answer. Because nothing else can fan the flames of understanding like information. But not because I said it. You tell me. You are at least as human as I. What is the relationship between information and understanding?

We must recognize that there have always been problems within the human family. Examples from literature that come to mind: Cain and Abel, brothers who fought despite being born of the same parents – Adam and Eve. The original American civil war is another example. Darth Vader and Obi wan Kenobi. Many more examples than exist.

There are so many fitting symbols of the original house divided. Is the human need that we all are born into so powerful that it can turn even siblings into competitors? Into adversaries? Into arch enemies? Born of the same family, becoming enemies vying for superiority? For food? Water? Shelter? Wealth? Power? Recognition? If that’s the case, how can different cultures possibly accept each other as equals?

This is how we’re wired. These are our roots. No matter how rough. Hard. Fearful. Looking into the meanings behind these images may reveal insight. Understanding ourselves is necessary in order to understand others. Necessary to make the grade to the future. To our highest grandest, most personally satisfying vision. To our future together. To understanding.To hope.

Hope is an extremely resilient form of belief. It is fixed to our spiritual magnetic north. It is what will eventually lead human kind towards a profound hunger for understanding. Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, Atheism, Agnosticism, you name it – it’s all the same thing when it comes down to it. All roads lead to the same destination. We all ultimately have the same goal – a higher plane of existence, a better home. A home free from conflict. Someday, we are destined to reach it....and when that happens......

(2/10/08) One can hope and speculate that our predisposed need for conflict will eventually be what forces us to want to learn. How? By moving the fight to a less harmful environment we can actually use the genetic need to fight to our advantage. By ferociously fighting with words we will force ourselves to learn. To learn how our neighbours think, how to be respectful in discussions, how to be inclusive and tolerant. As long as we want to learn, we will. Dialogue, or rather multilogue. This is the information age. No army was ever slaughtered at the hand of the pen. Could it be that we are made to fight in order to ultimately better understand each other?

At a time when we are so close to a ‘future’ world vision of peace and understanding we find ourselves in cultures that are in closer proximity to each other than ever before, but our ability to ‘tolerate’ rests on our level of understanding. Not only on a personal level, but on the larger organizational level.

Perhaps the powers that be, today find themselves in a state of anxiety over loosing what has been theirs? And loosing what has been theirs is inevitable as we make this jump to the next era. The reason being that much of the previous control has keyed off of people not knowing. Fear has always been associated with the state of not knowing. Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance causes anxienty. Doesn't it? you tell me.

The world seems smaller than it has ever been before. We therefore have a better view of it than we have ever had before. Those of us that have computers quite literally have our own window to the rest of the world. As more humans get access to more information, there will inevitably be an increased global understanding.

We are at a global crossroads, perhaps on a scale that we have never previously encountered. We have new powers at our disposal. And these powers, many that has yet to be identified, stem from the newest form of scientific based tools for a higher purpose – expanding knowledge - expanding understanding.. Starting as a small trickle, this technology is destined to envelope the whole of the human family, illuminating the similarities of human existence. These similarities are what bind us into family and can ultimately lead us to enlightenment. Enlightenment is no longer a pompous religiously abstract term – it’s now a practical every day way of living.

How do we bring everyone along on the information highway journey? Can we afford to leave anyone behind?

(4/13/08) The consequences of spiritual elitism.

What part have religions played in past and present wars? What role has religion played in establishing peace and understanding? What part is religion playing today, in terms of building bridges?

Religious elitism is a very serious issue. Very harmful. Very insulting. Spiritual elitism has the ability to pit us in our common search for god, actually fighting and arguing against each other, literally ignoring the commonality of their need for something higher. Denying the brother and sisterhood that the quest for that something inevitably implies.

Instead we are arguing with each other and furthering their alienation to each other. Creating irreconcilable differences. Dishing out judgment and guilt. Demeaning each other. No respect. No tolerance. No Grace. No understanding. Actively dividing the house.

Leaders of religions have chronically failed to identify these common points, failed to invite their constituents to explore other, perhaps unfamiliar beliefs, on the road of human exploration to the great questions why. Failed to promote the need for understanding. Failed to exhibit respect to others’ beliefs, and believers. Built their constituency on exclusion rather than inclusion. All the while, through the ages, building enormous ‘religious’ fortunes of worldly property and wealth. All this while claiming membership to beliefs that preaches the turning of the other cheek.

There are signs that this is changing. Changing because the time for change is inevitably becoming inevitable:-) The alternative is not surviving. And if there’s one thing that we humans know how to do, it’s to survive. It is built into the very fabric of life. Built into our code. It has in fact always been a display of the power of understanding that we possess. Conscious or unconscious, self aware or not.


...More to come.....






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